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Since its first publication in 1963, the bilingual quarterly Southeast Asian Studies (SEAS), Kyoto University has reflected the Center for Southeast Asian Studies’ strong commitment to publishing the best of empirically grounded, multidisciplinary, and contemporary research on Southeast Asia and related areas.
        In 2012, we re-launched Southeast Asian Studies as an all-English journal, alongside its Japanese sister journal, Tonan Ajia Kenkyu. Intended for a regional as well as global readership, Southeast Asian Studies is published three times a year.
        The new journal aims to promote excellent, agenda-setting scholarship and provide a forum for dialogue and collaboration both within and beyond the region. Southeast Asian Studies engages in wide-ranging and in-depth discussions that are attuned to the issues, debates, and imperatives within the region, while affirming the importance of learning and sharing ideas on a cross-country, global, and historical scale. An integral part of the journal’s mandate is to foster scholarship that is capable of bridging the continuing divide in area studies between the social sciences and humanities, on the one hand, and the natural sciences, on the other hand. To this end, the journal welcomes accessibly written articles that build on insights and cutting-edge research from the natural sciences.

Southeast Asian Studies is an open access journal.
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Current Issue


Published in December, 2018


Divides and Dissent: Malaysian Politics 60 Years after Merdeka

Guest Editor: Khoo Boo Teik

Preface ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Introduction: A Moment to Mull, a Call to Critique ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Ethnicity and Class: Divides and Dissent in Malaysian Studies ・・・ ABDUL RAHMAN Embong pdficon_large
Rents, Accumulation, and Conflict in Malaysia ・・・ Jeff TAN pdficon_large
Domination, Contestation, and Accommodation: 54 Years of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia ・・・ FAISAL S. Hazis pdficon_large
Shifting Trends of Islamism and Islamist Practices in Malaysia, 1957–2017 ・・・ AHMAD FAUZI Abdul Hamid pdficon_large
Law and the Judiciary: Divides and Dissent in Malaysia ・・・ Azmi SHAROM pdficon_large
Getting More Women into Politics under One-Party Dominance: Collaboration, Clientelism, and Coalition Building in the Determination of Women’s Representation in Malaysia ・・・ MAZNAH Mohamad pdficon_large
Creativity in Dissent: From the Politics of Pedagogy to the Art of Pedagogy ・・・ Simon SOON pdficon_large
Borne by Dissent, Tormented by Divides: The Opposition 60 Years after Merdeka ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit, trans. and eds. The Palace Law of Ayutthaya and the Thammasat: Law and Kingship in Siam. Ithaca: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2016. ・・・ KAMOLNICH Swasdiphanich pdficon_large
Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco. Performing Catholicism: Faith and Theater in a Philippine Province. Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press, 2016. ・・・ Darlene Machell de Leon ESPENA pdficon_large
Kishore Mahbubani and Jeffery Sng. The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace. Singapore: Ridge Books, an imprint of NUS Press, 2017. ・・・ Jim PLACZEK pdficon_large
L. Ayu Saraswati. Seeing Beauty, Sensing Race in Transnational Indonesia. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2013. ・・・ Nathan PORATH pdficon_large
Pál Nyíri and Danielle Tan, eds. Chinese Encounters in Southeast Asia: How People, Money, and Ideas from China Are Changing a Region. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016. ・・・ Phill WILCOX pdficon_large
Ang Cheng Guan. Southeast Asia’s Cold War: An Interpretive History. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2018. ・・・ Brandon Kirk WILLIAMS pdficon_large
Tiantian Zheng, ed. Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2016. ・・・ Arunima DATTA pdficon_large
Gerard Sasges. Imperial Intoxication: Alcohol and the Making of Colonial Indochina. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2017. ・・・ Chi P. PHAM pdficon_large
Wataru Kusaka. Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor. Singapore: NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2017. ・・・ Rizal G. BUENDIA pdficon_large
Edwin de Jong. Making a Living between Crises and Ceremonies in Tana Toraja: The Practice of Everyday Life of a South Sulawesi Highland Community in Indonesia. Leiden: Brill, 2013. ・・・ Quynh Huong NGUYEN pdficon_large


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Vol. 7, No 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2018 CONTENTS Divides and Dissent: Malaysian Politics 60 Years after Merdeka Guest Editor: Khoo Boo Teik Preface ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik Introduction: A Moment to Mull, a Call to Crit

Vol. 7, No 2 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2018 CONTENTS Understanding the Importance of “Patient’s Choice” in the Early Environmental Justice Activism of the Karen of Klity Creek (Thailand) ・・・ Malee SITTHIKRIENGKRAI Nath


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