Statement on Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice

The Editorial Board of Southeast Asian Studies is strongly committed to maintaining the high integrity of the journal. The following is our statement on publication ethics and publication malpractice.

The tasks of the Editors are:

a. To decide, in an impartial, dispassionate, and disinterested manner, which articles to accept or reject. In exercising their judgment, the Editors must strive to avoid any bias, discrimination, and/or conflict of interest.
b. To ensure the high quality of the contents of the journal by means of a rigorous peer-review system. In the peer-review process, both the authors’ and reviewers’ identities shall be protected and all submitted manuscripts shall be treated as confidential documents.
c. To inform readers, the academic community, and the public promptly, and in an appropriate manner, of any fundamental error of fact and interpretation, act of plagiarism, falsification of data, or fabrication of data and findings found in the contents of the journal.

The tasks of the Authors are:
a. To present the results of their own research. Authors should not submit a manuscript containing the same content to more than one journal concurrently.
b. To ensure that the data and findings are correct and authentic, and do not contain plagiarism, falsification, or fabrication. For verification purposes, Authors should be ready to present their sources, materials, and raw data upon the request of the Editors.
c. To note the sources clearly in their citations. Authors should cite only works that are specifically referenced by their manuscripts. They should not cite any unrelated work with the intention of manipulating data or statistics to improve, among other things, the impact factor of their work.
d. To limit authorship to those who are engaged directly in the research. In case of joint authorship, the corresponding authors who bear responsibility for both the content and the authorship of the article should be notified in advance of the intention to submit articles in their name.
e. To report promptly to the Editors any fundamental errors in their accepted manuscripts and, if necessary, retract their manuscripts.

The tasks of the Reviewers are:
a. To submit promptly to the Editors judicious comments on, and assessments of, the relevant manuscripts to assist Editors in their judgments on whether to accept or reject submitted manuscripts. Reviewers are strongly encouraged to provide comments that are constructive, enabling authors to improve their manuscripts if these manuscripts are judged worthy of publication upon revision. Reviewers are encouraged to take into consideration the fact that not all the authors are native speakers of English.
b. To alert the Editors immediately if they find that a manuscript for review contains an instance or instances of plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and/or previously published content.
c. To recuse themselves from commenting on manuscripts that pose potential or actual conflict of interest for Reviewers.

The tasks of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies as publisher of this journal are:
a. To ensure the quality and integrity of Southeast Asian Studies by strictly abiding by the ethics guidelines and ensuring that all relevant parties abide by these guidelines.
b. To publish each issue on time without being constrained by any conflict of interest, exercising acts of censorship, or interfering with the Editors’ decisions.