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Vol. 4, No. 1, Kimura

Contents>> Vol. 4, No. 1 The Struggle for Justice and Reconciliation in Post-Suharto Indonesia Kimura Ehito* * 木村恵人, College of Social Sciences, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, 2500 Campus Road Hawai‘i Hall 310 Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822, USA e-mail: ehito[at] DOI: What explains the failure of transitional justice and reconciliation […]

Vol. 4, No. 1, Abu Bakar

Contents>> Vol. 4, No. 1 Playing along the Perak River: Readings of an Eighteenth-Century Malay State Husni Abu Bakar* * Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages, University of California, Riverside, 900 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92521, U.S.A. e-mail: ssyed005[at] DOI: This essay questions the construction of cartographic, historical, […]

Vol. 4, No. 1, Suh

Contents>> Vol. 4, No. 1 Preemptive Transitional Justice Policies in Aceh, Indonesia Suh Jiwon* * 서지원, Humanities Korea Program, Institute for East Asian Studies, Sogang University, 35 Baekbeom-ro (Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Korea e-mail: suhjiwon[at] DOI: The peace agreement for Aceh included standard post-conflict measures, such as a human […]

Vol. 4, No. 1, Sasagawa

Contents>> Vol. 4, No. 1 The Establishment of the National Language in Twentieth-Century Cambodia: Debates on Orthography and Coinage Sasagawa Hideo* * 笹川秀夫, College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu-shi, Oita 874-8577, Japan e-mail: sasagawa[at] DOI: This paper explores the process in which an […]