Vol. 5, No 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2016 CONTENTS Special Focus Global Powers and Local Resources in Southeast Asia: Political and Social Dynamics of Foreign Investment Ventures Guest Editor: Morishita Akiko Introduction ・・・ MORISHTA Akiko Economic Development via Dam Building: The Role of the State Government in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy and the Impact on Environment and Local Communities ・・・ Andrew AERIA Political Dynamics of Foreign-Invested Development Projects in Decentralized Indonesia: The Case of Coal Railway Projects in Kalimantan ・・・ MORISHITA Akiko Rare Earth Plant in Malaysia: Governance, Green Politics, and Geopolitics ・・・ Kai Lit PHUA Articles When Memory Speaks: Transnational Remembrances in Vietnam War Literature ・・・ Quan Manh HA The Case […]

Vol. 5, No 2 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2016 CONTENTS   History Reformatted: Vietnam’s Great Famine (1944–45) in Archival Form ・・・ Ken MACLEAN The Irony of Democratization and the Decline of Royal Hegemony in Thailand ・・・ KASIAN TEJAPIRA Anut Grubyuk in the Voting Process: The Neglected Explanation of Javanese Voters (Preliminary Findings) ・・・ WAWAN SOBARI Philanthropy and “Muslim Citizenship” in Post-Suharto Indonesia ・・・ Hilman LATIEF Kuo Pao Kun’s Zheng He Legend and Multicultural Encounters in Singapore ・・・ Rachel LENG No Room to Swing a Cat? Animal Treatment and Urban Space in Singapore ・・・ Ying-kit CHAN Book Reviews Dina Afrianty. Women and Sharia Law in Northern Indonesia: Local Women’s NGOs and the Reform of Islamic Law […]

Vol. 5, No. 1 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in April, 2016 CONTENTS Political Networks in Asia Guest Editors: Onimaru Takeshi and Khoo Boo Teik Introduction:A Place for Networks in Asian Politics ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik ONIMARU Takeshi Very Distinguished Alumni: Thai Political Networking ・・・ PASUK Phongpaichit NUALNOI Treerat Chris BAKER The Rise and Fall of Virata’s Network: Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision Making in the Philippines ・・・ Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM Networks in Pursuit of a “Two-Coalition System” in Malaysia: Pakatan Rakyat’s Mobilization of Dissent between Reformasi and the Tsunami ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik Contending Political Networks: A Study of the “Yellow Shirts” and “Red Shirts” in Thailand’s Politics ・・・ NARUEMON Thabchumpon Shanghai Connection: The […]

Vol. 4, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2015 CONTENTS Articles Jakarta “Since Yesterday”: The Making of the Post-New Order Regime in an Indonesian Metropolis ・・・ ARAI Kenichiro Local Politics and Chinese Indonesian Business in Post-Suharto Era ・・・ Wu-Ling CHONG Blossoming Dahlia: Chinese Women Novelists in Colonial Indonesia ・・・ Elizabeth CHANDRA Tourism and Crime: Evidence from the Philippines ・・・ Rosalina PALANCA-TAN Len Patrick Dominic M. GARCES Angelica Nicole C. PURISIMA Angelo Christian L. ZARATAN Inclusive Spirituality: The Bodhisattva Kuan-yin as Moral Exemplar and Self-Cultivation in a Malaysian Dharma House ・・・ Arthur C. K. CHIA Book Reviews Khoo Boo Teik, Vedi Hadiz, and Yoshihiro Nakanishi, eds. Between Dissent and Power: The Transformation of Islamic Politics in […]

Vol. 4, No. 2. of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2015 CONTENTS Note from Editorial Committee ・・・ Articles Food Supply in Cambodian Buddhist Temples: Focusing on the Roles and Practices of Lay Female Ascetics ・・・ TAKAHASHI Miwa ʿAbd al-Samad in Arabia: The Yemeni Years of a Shaykh from Sumatra ・・・ R. Michael FEENER Church–State Relations in the 1899 Malolos Constitution: Filipinization and Visions of National Community ・・・ Filomeno V. AGUILAR Jr. Christianity and Militancy in Eastern Indonesia: Revisiting the Maluku Violence ・・・ SUMANTO Al Qurtuby The Emergence of Heritage Conservation in Singapore and the Preservation of Monuments Board (1958–76) ・・・ Kevin BLACKBURN TAN Peng Hong Alvin Homegardens of the Cao Lan, a Tai-Speaking Ethnic Minority in Vietnam’s […]

Vol. 4, No. 1. of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in April, 2015 CONTENTS Articles Intergenerational Land Transfer in Rural Cambodia since the Late 1980s: Special Attention to the Effect of Labor Migration ・・・ YAGURA Kenjiro The Establishment of the National Language in Twentieth-Century Cambodia: Debates on Orthography and Coinage ・・・ SASAGAWA Hideo The Struggle for Justice and Reconciliation in Post-Suharto Indonesia ・・・ KIMURA Ehito Preemptive Transitional Justice Policies in Aceh, Indonesia ・・・ SUH Jiwon The Anti-Communist Third World: Carlos Romulo and the Other Bandung ・・・ Lisandro E. CLAUDIO Playing along the Perak River: Readings of an Eighteenth-Century Malay State ・・・ Husni ABU BAKAR Book Reviews Benedict R. O’G. Anderson. Exploration and Irony in Studies of Siam over Forty […]

Vol. 3, Supplementary Issue of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in March, 2015 CONTENTS Savings Groups in Laos from a Comparative Perspective Editors: OHNO Akihiko and FUJITA Koichi Introduction:Savings Groups in Laos from a Comparative Perspective ・・・ OHNO Akihiko FUJITA Koichi Savings Groups and Rural Financial Markets: Japanese and Thai Experiences ・・・ OHNO Akihiko Performance of Savings Groups in Mountainous Laos under Shifting Cultivation Stabilization Policy ・・・ FUJITA Koichi OHNO Akihiko Chansathith Chaleunsinh Informal Network Finance as a Risk Coping Device in Mountainous Laos ・・・ OHNO Akihiko Chansathith Chaleunsinh Impacts of Savings Groups Programs on Household Welfare in Laos: Case Study of the Vientiane Vicinity during the Mid-2000s ・・・ Kongpasa Sengsourivong MIENO Fumiharu An Analysis on Borrowing Behavior of […]

Vol. 3 No.3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2014 CONTENTS Articles Are We Them? Textual and Literary Representationsof the Chinese in Twentieth-Century Thailand ・・・ Thak Chaloemtiarana Contesting Law and Order: Legal and Judicial Reform in Southern Thailandin the Late Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century ・・・ Piyada Chonlaworn Extending the Hydraulic Paradigm: Reunification, State Consolidation, and Water Control in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta after 1975 ・・・ Simon BENEDIKTER Trade Union Organizing Free from Employers’ Interference: Evidence from Vietnam ・・・ TRINH Ly Khanh Research Reports Islamic Theological Texts and Contexts in Banjarese Society: An Overview of the Existing Studies ・・・ Mujiburrahman Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) and Access and Exclusion: Obstacles and Opportunities in […]

Vol 3. No2. of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2014 CONTENTS The Politics of Technocracy in Southeast Asia Guest Editors: Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM, KHOO Boo Teik, and SHIRAISHI Takashi Technocracy and Economic Decision-Making in Southeast Asia: An Overview ・・・ The Editors Indonesian Technocracy in Transition: A Preliminary Analysis ・・・ SHIRAISHI Takashi A Short Account of the Rise and Fall of the Thai Technocracy ・・・ PASUK Phongpaichit Chris BAKER Technocracy and Thaksinocracy in Thailand: Reforms of the Public Sector and the Budget System under the Thaksin Government ・・・ SUEHIRO Akira Philippine Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision-Making: A Comparison of the Martial Law and Post-Martial Law Periods ・・・ Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM Technocracy in Economic Policy-Making in Malaysia ・・・ […]


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