Vol. 10, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in December, 2021


Ghosts as Political Possibilities: A Review of Instantiations of Haunting in Southeast Asia ・・・ Joy Xin Yuan Wang pdficon_large
Development and Abandonment of Mangrove Paddy Fields and the Impacts Thereof in a Mon Village in Taninthayi Region, Myanmar ・・・ Win Maung Aye
Takeda Shinya
Soeara ‘Aisjijah Magazine and the Preparation of Indonesian Muslim Women to Anticipate the Arrival of Japanese Occupation Forces (1941–1942) ・・・ Muhammad Yuanda Zara pdficon_large
Livelihood and Happiness in a Resource (Natural and Cultural)-Rich Rural Municipality in the Philippines ・・・ Rosalina Palanca-Tan
Sheila Bayog
Local Names of Fishes in a Fishing Village on the Bank of the Middle Reaches of the Kampar River, Riau, Sumatra Island, Indonesia ・・・ Nakagawa Hikaru
Osawa Takamasa
Akhwan Binawan
Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi
Hasegawa Takuya
Desti Zarli Mandari
Wahyu Prasetyawan
Okamoto Masaaki
Book Reviews
Thushara Dibley and Michele Ford, eds. Activists in Transition: Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2019. ・・・ JPaul S. Manzanilla pdficon_large
William Peterson. Places for Happiness: Community, Self, and Performance in the Philippines. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2016. ・・・ Patrick Alcedo pdficon_large
Scott Stonington. The Spirit Ambulance: Choreographing the End of Life in Thailand. Oakland: University of California Press, 2020. ・・・ Iwasa Mitsuhiro pdficon_large
Ayami Nakatani, ed. Fashionable Traditions: Asian Handmade Textiles in Motion. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2020. ・・・ Fiona Kerlogue pdficon_large
Tadayoshi Terao and Tsuruyo Funatsu, eds. Origins and Evolution of Environmental Policies: State, Time and Regional Experiences. Cheltenham and Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021. ・・・ Morishita Akiko pdficon_large