Vol. 2, No. 2 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2013



Protection and Power in Siam: From Khun Chang Khun Phaen to the Buddha Amulet ・・・ Chris BAKER, PASUK Phongpaichit
Seeking Haven and Seeking Jobs: Migrant Workers’ Networks in Two Thai Locales ・・・ Nobpaon Rabibhadana, Yoko HAYAMI
Emergent Processes of Language Acquisition: Japanese Language Leaning and the Consumption of Japanese Cultural Products in Thailand ・・・ Noboru TOYOSHIMA
Agrometeorological Learning Increasing Farmers’ Knowledge in Coping with Climate Change and Unusual Risks ・・・ Yunita T. WINARTO,
Bimo Dwisatrio,
Merryna Nurhaga, Anom Bowolaksono
Talun-Huma, Swidden Agriculture, and Rural Economy in West Java, Indonesia ・・・ MIZUNO Kosuke, Siti Sugiah Mugniesyah, Ageng Setiawan Herianto,
TSUJII Hiroshi
Imperata Grassland Mapping in Northern Uplands of Lao PDR: Area, Distribution, Characteristics, and Implications for Slash-and-Burn Cultivation ・・・ Bounthanh KEOBOUALAPHA, Thaworn ONPRAPHAI, Attachai JINTRAWET, Suchint SIMARAKS,
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