Vol. 4, No. 2, Note from Editorial Committee

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Note from Editorial Committee

In this issue, we feature a special essay entitled “Japan’s Role in Peacemaking in Cambodia: Factors that Contributed to Its Success” in the special section on “Memoirs.” In 1991, the Agreements on the Comprehensive Settlement of the Cambodian Conflict, also known as the Paris Peace Agreements, were concluded with the cooperation of the international community. However, the road to their fulfillment was very tough due to ongoing resistance by the Khmer Rouge and subsequent political conflicts among factions within the country over the result of the Constituent Assembly elections. Under these circumstances Japan took the initiative with Thailand to mediate between Cambodia and the international community to implement the Agreements smoothly and re-build the nation peacefully. In this essay the author, Yamamoto Tadamichi, reviews the peace- and nation-building process of Cambodia during 1992–94 from the viewpoint of a Japanese diplomat who participated in the negotiations, and discusses the factors that enabled Japan to undertake effective political meditation. The editorial committee hopes that this essay by a key person involved in the historic undertaking will contribute to Southeast Asian studies by making primary sources available to scholars and students.


DOI: doi.org/10.20495/seas.4.2_App2