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Vol. 10, No. 2 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in August, 2021


Faces of Local Transformation:
Policy Coalitions and Socio-economic Development in the Philippines
Guest Editor: Takagi Yusuke

Editorial Note ・・・ Takagi Yusuke pdficon_large
Policy Making after Revolution: The Faces of Local Transformation of the Philippines ・・・ Takagi Yusuke pdficon_large
Rise of “Business-Friendly” Local Elite Rule in the Philippines: How the Valdezes Developed San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte ・・・ Kusaka Wataru pdficon_large
Conjugal Mayorship: The Fernandos and the Transformation of Marikina, 1992–2010 ・・・ Meynardo P. Mendoza pdficon_large
From Governing to Selling Tourism: Changing Role of Local Government in the Tourism Development of Bohol, Philippines ・・・ Carl Milos R. Bulilan pdficon_large
Creating Sulu: In Search of Policy Coalitions in the Conflict-Ridden Island ・・・ Criselda Yabes pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Courtney Work. Tides of Empire: Religion, Development, and Environment in Cambodia. New York: Berghahn Books, 2020. ・・・ Lisa Arensen pdficon_large
Ahmad Syafii Maarif. Translated by George A. Fowler. Islam, Humanity, and Indonesian Identity: Reflections on History. Singapore: NUS Press, 2019. ・・・ Julian Millie pdficon_large
Tan Lee Ooi. Buddhist Revitalization and Chinese Religions in Malaysia. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2020. ・・・ Huang Yun pdficon_large
Patcharin Lapanun. Love, Money and Obligation: Transnational Marriage in a Northeastern Thai Village. Singapore: NUS Press, 2019. ・・・ Saowanee T. Alexander pdficon_large
Christopher J. Shepherd. Haunted Houses and Ghostly Encounters: Ethnography and Animism in East Timor, 1860–1975. Singapore: Asian Studies Association of Australia/NUS Press, 2019. ・・・ Guido Sprenger pdficon_large
Jonathan Rigg. Rural Development in Southeast Asia: Dispossession, Accumulation and Persistence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020. ・・・ Hua Xiaobo pdficon_large
Philipp Bruckmayr. Cambodia’s Muslims and the Malay World: Malay Language, Jawi Script, and Islamic Factionalism from the 19th Century to the Present. Leiden: Brill, 2019. ・・・ William Noseworthy pdficon_large

Vol. 9, No. 2 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in August, 2020


Stories across Borders:
Myths of Origin and Their Contestation in the Borderlands of South and Southeast Asia
Guest Editors: Monica JANOWSKI and Erik DE MAAKER

Borderland Narratives ・・・ Erik DE MAAKER
Narrating Loss and Differentiation: Lahu Origin Stories on the Margins of Burma, China, and Siam ・・・ Frances O’MORCHOE pdficon_large
A Place of Belonging in Myths and Memories: The Origin and Early History of the Imagined Tai Khuen Nation (Chiang Tung/Kyaingtong, Myanmar) ・・・ Klemens KARLSSON pdficon_large
The Story of Lun Tauh, “Our People”: Narrating Identity on the Borders in the Kelabit Highlands ・・・ Valerie MASHMAN pdficon_large
Contesting Multiple Borders: Bricolage Thinking and Matua Narratives on the Andaman Islands ・・・ Carola Erika LOREA pdficon_large
Book Reviews
John Clifford Holt. Myanmar’s Buddhist-Muslim Crisis: Rohingya, Arakanese, and Burmese Narratives of Siege and Fear. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2019. ・・・ Jacques P. LEIDER pdficon_large
Mary E. McCoy. Scandal and Democracy: Media Politics in Indonesia. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2019. ・・・ Wasisto Raharjo JATI pdficon_large
Francis E. Hutchinson and Lee Hwok Aun, eds. The Defeat of Barisan Nasional: Missed Signs or Late Surge? Singapore: ISEAS Publishing, 2019. ・・・ Guanie LIM pdficon_large
Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet. Speaking Out in Vietnam: Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party-Ruled Nation. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2019. ・・・ ITO Masako pdficon_large
Claire E. Edington. Beyond the Asylum: Mental Illness in French Colonial Vietnam. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2019. ・・・ Sokhieng AU pdficon_large
David Brenner. Rebel Politics: A Political Sociology of Armed Struggle in Myanmar’s Borderlands. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2019. ・・・ Nicholas ROSS pdficon_large

Vol. 7, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in December, 2018


Divides and Dissent: Malaysian Politics 60 Years after Merdeka
Guest Editor: Khoo Boo Teik

Preface ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Introduction: A Moment to Mull, a Call to Critique ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Ethnicity and Class: Divides and Dissent in Malaysian Studies ・・・ ABDUL RAHMAN Embong pdficon_large
Rents, Accumulation, and Conflict in Malaysia ・・・ Jeff TAN pdficon_large
Domination, Contestation, and Accommodation: 54 Years of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia ・・・ FAISAL S. Hazis pdficon_large
Shifting Trends of Islamism and Islamist Practices in Malaysia, 1957–2017 ・・・ AHMAD FAUZI Abdul Hamid pdficon_large
Law and the Judiciary: Divides and Dissent in Malaysia ・・・ Azmi SHAROM pdficon_large
Getting More Women into Politics under One-Party Dominance: Collaboration, Clientelism, and Coalition Building in the Determination of Women’s Representation in Malaysia ・・・ MAZNAH Mohamad pdficon_large
Creativity in Dissent: From the Politics of Pedagogy to the Art of Pedagogy ・・・ Simon SOON pdficon_large
Borne by Dissent, Tormented by Divides: The Opposition 60 Years after Merdeka ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit, trans. and eds. The Palace Law of Ayutthaya and the Thammasat: Law and Kingship in Siam. Ithaca: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2016. ・・・ KAMOLNICH Swasdiphanich pdficon_large
Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco. Performing Catholicism: Faith and Theater in a Philippine Province. Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press, 2016. ・・・ Darlene Machell de Leon ESPENA pdficon_large
Kishore Mahbubani and Jeffery Sng. The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace. Singapore: Ridge Books, an imprint of NUS Press, 2017. ・・・ Jim PLACZEK pdficon_large
L. Ayu Saraswati. Seeing Beauty, Sensing Race in Transnational Indonesia. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2013. ・・・ Nathan PORATH pdficon_large
Pál Nyíri and Danielle Tan, eds. Chinese Encounters in Southeast Asia: How People, Money, and Ideas from China Are Changing a Region. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016. ・・・ Phill WILCOX pdficon_large
Ang Cheng Guan. Southeast Asia’s Cold War: An Interpretive History. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2018. ・・・ Brandon Kirk WILLIAMS pdficon_large
Tiantian Zheng, ed. Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2016. ・・・ Arunima DATTA pdficon_large
Gerard Sasges. Imperial Intoxication: Alcohol and the Making of Colonial Indochina. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2017. ・・・ Chi P. PHAM pdficon_large
Wataru Kusaka. Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor. Singapore: NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2017. ・・・ Rizal G. BUENDIA pdficon_large
Edwin de Jong. Making a Living between Crises and Ceremonies in Tana Toraja: The Practice of Everyday Life of a South Sulawesi Highland Community in Indonesia. Leiden: Brill, 2013. ・・・ Quynh Huong NGUYEN pdficon_large

Vol. 7, No. 1 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in April, 2018


Rereading Leftist Writings from Southeast Asia
Guest Editor: Jafar SURYOMENGGOLO

Introduction ・・・ Jafar SURYOMENGGOLO pdficon_large
Blood-Brothers: The Communist Party of the Philippines and the Partai Komunis Indonesia ・・・ Ramon GUILLERMO pdficon_large
Polytechnicians and Technocrats: Sources, Limits, and Possibilities of Student Activism in 1970s Singapore ・・・ LOH Kah Seng pdficon_large
Liberational Justice in the Political Thought of Ahmad Boestamam ・・・ TEO Lee Ken pdficon_large
Independent Woman in Postcolonial Indonesia: Rereading the Works of Rukiah ・・・ Yerry WIRAWAN pdficon_large
Jit Phumisak and His Images in Thai Political Contexts ・・・ PIYADA CHONLAWORN pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Tâm T. T. Ngô. The New Way: Protestantism and the Hmong in Vietnam. Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2016. ・・・ Seb RUMSBY pdficon_large
Julia Martínez and Adrian Vickers. The Pearl Frontier: Indonesian Labor and Indigenous Encounters in Australia’s Northern Trading Network. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2015. ・・・ Faizah ZAKARIA pdficon_large
Trần Ðình Trụ. Ship of Fate: Memoir of a Vietnamese Repatriate. Translated by Bac Hoai Tran and Jana K. Lipman. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press in association with UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2017. ・・・ YEN VU pdficon_large
Brian Bernards. Writing the South Seas: Imagining the Nanyang in Chinese and Southeast Asian Postcolonial Literature. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2015. ・・・ Dinah ROMA pdficon_large
Janet Alison Hoskins. The Divine Eye and the Diaspora: Vietnamese Syncretism Becomes Transpacific Caodaism. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2015. ・・・ Dat Manh NGUYEN pdficon_large
Kaj Århem and Guido Sprenger, eds. Animism in Southeast Asia. London and New York: Routledge, 2017. ・・・ William B. NOSEWORTHY pdficon_large
Ann Marie Leshkowich. Essential Trade: Vietnamese Women in a Changing Marketplace. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2014. ・・・ LE Hoang Anh Thu pdficon_large
Edward Aspinall and Mada Sukmajati, eds. Electoral Dynamics in Indonesia: Money Politics, Patronage and Clientelism at the Grassroots. Singapore: NUS Press, 2016. ・・・ Gde Dwitya Arief METERA pdficon_large
Patrick Pillai. Yearning to Belong: Malaysia’s Indian Muslims, Chitties, Portuguese Eurasians, Peranakan Chinese and Baweanese. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing, 2015. ・・・ Yi LI pdficon_large
Christopher Goscha. The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam. London: Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2016. ・・・ Chi P. PHAM pdficon_large

Vol. 6, No. 2 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in August, 2017


Rural Northeast Thailand in Transition:
Recent Changes and Their Implications for the Long-Term Transformation of the Region
Guest Editors: Kono Yasuyuki, ARUNEE Promkhambut, and A. Terry Rambo

Introduction ・・・ KONO Yasuyuki
ARUNEE Promkhambut
A. Terry RAMBO
The Agrarian Transformation in Northeastern Thailand: A Review of Recent Research ・・・ A. Terry RAMBO pdficon_large
Household Dynamics, the Capitalist Economy, and Agricultural Change in Rural Thailand ・・・ CHAI Podhisita pdficon_large
Household Structure and Sources of Income in a Rice-Growing Village in Northeast Thailand ・・・ SHIRAI Yuko
A. Terry RAMBO
Improvement in Rainfed Rice Production during an Era of Rapid National Economic Growth: A Case Study of a Village in Northeast Thailand ・・・ WATANABE Kazuo pdficon_large
Factors Influencing Variations in the Density, Extent of Canopy Cover, and Origin of Trees in Paddy Fields in a Rainfed Rice-Farming Village in Northeast Thailand ・・・ WATANABE Moriaki
PATMA Vityakon
A. Terry RAMBO
Multiple Cropping after the Rice Harvest in Rainfed Rice Cropping Systems in Khon Kaen Province, Northeast Thailand ・・・ ARUNEE Promkhambut
A. Terry RAMBO
Trends in Hybrid Tomato Seed Production under Contract Farming in Northeast Thailand ・・・ CHALEE Gedgaew
SUCHINT Simaraks
A. Terry RAMBO
Recent Changes in Agricultural Land Use in the Riverine Area of Nakhon Phanom Province, Northeast Thailand ・・・ SORAT Praweenwongwuthi
TEWIN Kaewmuangmoon
A. Terry RAMBO
Book Reviews
Jamie S. Davidson. Indonesia’s Changing Political Economy: Governing the Roads. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015, xvii+292pp. ・・・ KONISHI Tetsu pdficon_large
Porphant Ouyyanont. Rural Thailand: Change and Continuity. Trends in Southeast Asia, No.8. Singapore: ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute, 2016, 31pp. ・・・ Jonathan RIGG pdficon_large
Mikael Gravers and Flemming Ytzen, eds. Burma/Myanmar: Where Now? Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2014, xiv+447pp.
Renaud Egreteau and François Robinne, eds. Metamorphosis: Studies in Social and Political Change in Myanmar. Singapore: NUS Press in association with IRASEC, 2015, xiv+428pp.
・・・ Ward KEELER pdficon_large
Soon Chuan Yean. Tulong: An Articulation of Politics in the Christian Philippines. Manila: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2015, xvii+275pp. ・・・ KUSAKA Wataru pdficon_large
Christine Bacareza Balance. Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America. Durham: Duke
University Press, 2016, xviii+230pp.
・・・ Anjeline DE DIOS pdficon_large
Juliet Lee Uytanlet. The Hybrid Tsinoys: Challenges of Hybridity and Homogeneity as Sociocultural Constructs among the Chinese in the Philippines. Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2016, xx+261pp. ・・・ Richard T. CHU pdficon_large
Michael Herzfeld. Siege of the Spirits: Community and Polity in Bangkok. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2016, xii+267pp. ・・・ Sophorntavy VORNG pdficon_large
Pamela D. McElwee. Forests Are Gold: Trees, People, and Environmental Rule in Vietnam. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016, xxvi+283pp. ・・・ Michitake ASO pdficon_large
Rob Cramb and John F. McCarthy, eds. The Oil Palm Complex: Smallholders, Agribusiness and the State in Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore: NUS Press, 2016, xvi+470pp. ・・・ TERAUCHI Daisuke pdficon_large
Tim Bunnell. From World City to the World in One City: Liverpool through Malay Lives. Chichester and Malden: John Wiley & Sons, 2016, xvii+284pp. ・・・ TOMIZAWA Hisao pdficon_large

Vol. 5, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies


Published in December, 2016


Special Focus
Global Powers and Local Resources in Southeast Asia:
Political and Social Dynamics of Foreign Investment Ventures
Guest Editor: Morishita Akiko

Introduction ・・・ MORISHTA Akiko pdficon_large
Economic Development via Dam Building: The Role of the State Government in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy and the Impact on Environment and Local Communities ・・・ Andrew AERIA pdficon_large
Political Dynamics of Foreign-Invested Development Projects in Decentralized Indonesia: The Case of Coal Railway Projects in Kalimantan ・・・ MORISHITA Akiko pdficon_large
Rare Earth Plant in Malaysia: Governance, Green Politics, and Geopolitics ・・・ Kai Lit PHUA pdficon_large
When Memory Speaks: Transnational Remembrances in Vietnam War Literature ・・・ Quan Manh HA pdficon_large
The Case of Regional Disaster Management Cooperation in ASEAN: A Constructivist Approach to Understanding How International Norms Travel ・・・ Muhammad RUM pdficon_large
Highland Chiefs and Regional Networks in Mainland Southeast Asia: Mien Perspectives ・・・ LE Jiem Tsan
Richard D. CUSHMAN
Hjorleifur JONSSON
Book Reviews
A. C. S. Peacock and Annabel Teh Gallop, eds. From Anatolia to Aceh: Ottomans, Turks, and Southeast Asia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015, xvi+348p. ・・・ R. Michael FEENER pdficon_large
Maurizio Peleggi, ed. A Sarong for Clio: Essays on the Intellectual
and Cultural History of Thailand, Inspired by Craig J. Reynolds.
Ithaca, NY: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications,
2015, 208p.
・・・ Sing SUWANNAKIJ pdficon_large
Milagros Camayon Guerrero. Luzon at War: Contradictions in
Philippine Society, 1898–1902 (with an introduction by Vicente
L. Rafael). Quezon City: Anvil Publishing Inc., 2015, 295p.
・・・ Portia L. REYES pdficon_large
Farouk Yahya. Magic and Divination in Malay Illustrated
Manuscripts. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2015, xxvii+349p.,
308 illus., 2 maps.
・・・ Majid DANESHGAR pdficon_large
Deirdre de la Cruz. Mother Figured: Marian Apparitions &
the Making of a Filipino Universal. Chicago: The University
of Chicago Press, 2015, 320p.
・・・ Mark Iñigo M. TALLARA pdficon_large
Andrew C. Willford. Tamils and the Haunting of Justice: History
and Recognition in Malaysia’s Plantations. Singapore:
NUS Press, 2015, 336p.
・・・ Rajesh DANIEL pdficon_large
Michele Ford and Thomas B. Pepinsky, eds. Beyond Oligarchy:
Wealth, Power and Contemporary Indonesian Politics. Ithaca:
Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2014, x+178p.
・・・ Laurens BAKKER pdficon_large
Philip Taylor. The Khmer Lands of Vietnam: Environment,
Cosmology and Sovereignty. Singapore: NUS Press,
2014, 350p.
・・・ Alberto PÉREZ PEREIRO pdficon_large
Sarah Turner, Christine Bonnin, and Jean Michaud. Frontier
Livelihoods: Hmong in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands.
Seattle and London: University of Washington Press,
2015, 223p.
・・・ NGUYEN Thi Le pdficon_large
Marlyne Sahakian. Keeping Cool in Southeast Asia: Energy
Consumption and Urban Air-Conditioning. New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, x–xviii+229p.
・・・ Benjamin C. MCLELLAN pdficon_large

Vol. 5, No. 1 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in April, 2016


Political Networks in Asia
Guest Editors: Onimaru Takeshi and Khoo Boo Teik

Introduction:A Place for Networks in Asian Politics ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik
Very Distinguished Alumni: Thai Political Networking ・・・ PASUK Phongpaichit
The Rise and Fall of Virata’s Network: Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision Making in the Philippines ・・・ Teresa S. Encarnacion
Networks in Pursuit of a “Two-Coalition System” in Malaysia: Pakatan Rakyat’s Mobilization of Dissent between Reformasi and the Tsunami ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Contending Political Networks: A Study of the “Yellow Shirts” and “Red Shirts” in Thailand’s Politics ・・・ NARUEMON Thabchumpon pdficon_large
Shanghai Connection: The Construction and Collapse of the Comintern Network in East and Southeast Asia ・・・ ONIMARU Takeshi pdficon_large
Looking at Links and Nodes: How Jihadists in Indonesia Survived ・・・ MIICHI Ken pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Volker Gottowik, ed. Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia: Magic and Modernity. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2014, 338p. ・・・ Victor T. KING pdficon_large
Park Seung Woo and Victor T. King, eds.
The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies: Korea and Beyond. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2013, xviii+468p.
・・・ Hsin-Huang Michael HSIAO pdficon_large
Ariel Heryanto. Identity and Pleasure: The Politics of Indonesian Screen Culture. Singapore: NUS Press in association with Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2014, xiv+246p. ・・・ Michael G. VANN pdficon_large
K. W. Taylor, ed. Voices from the Second Republic of South Vietnam (1967–1975). Ithaca, NY: Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell University, 2015, 180p. ・・・ Gerard SASGES pdficon_large
Masuhara Ayako. The End of Personal Rule in Indonesia: Golkar and the Transformation of the Suharto Regime. Kyoto: Kyoto University Press; Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press, 2015, xviii+286p. ・・・ Vivek NEELAKANTAN pdficon_large
Jérémy Jammes. Les Oracles du Cao Đài: Étude d’un mouvement religieux vietnamien et de ses réseaux [The Cao Dai oracles: Essays on a Vietnamese religious movement and its networks]. Paris: Les Indes savantes, 2014, 614p. ・・・ Pierre BROCHEUX pdficon_large
Yow Cheun Hoe 游俊豪. Yimin guiji he lisan lunshu: Xinma huaren zuqun de zhongceng mailuo 移民轨迹和离散论述― 新马华人族群的重层脉络 [Migration trajectories and diasporic discourses: Multiples contexts of ethnic Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia]. Shanghai: Sanlian Publishing Company, 2014, ii+243p. ・・・ Tony C. LEE pdficon_large
Allen Hicken and Erik Martinez Kuhonta, eds. Party System Institutionalization in Asia: Democracies, Autocracies, and the Shadows of the Past. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015, xviii+355p. ・・・ Kevin HEWISON pdficon_large
Shane Strate. The Lost Territories: Thailand’s History of National Humiliation. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2015, xii+253p. ・・・ Pavin
Sarah Turner, ed. Red Stamps and Gold Stars: Fieldwork Dilemmas in Upland Socialist Asia. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2013, 320p. ・・・ Nathan BADENOCH pdficon_large

Vol. 3, No. 2 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in August, 2014


The Politics of Technocracy in Southeast Asia Guest Editors: Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM, KHOO Boo Teik, and SHIRAISHI Takashi
Technocracy and Economic Decision-Making in Southeast Asia: An Overview ・・・ The Editors pdficon_large
Indonesian Technocracy in Transition: A Preliminary Analysis ・・・ SHIRAISHI Takashi pdficon_large
A Short Account of the Rise and Fall of the Thai Technocracy ・・・ PASUK Phongpaichit Chris BAKER pdficon_large
Technocracy and Thaksinocracy in Thailand: Reforms of the Public Sector and the Budget System under the Thaksin Government ・・・ SUEHIRO Akira pdficon_large
Philippine Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision-Making: A Comparison of the Martial Law and Post-Martial Law Periods ・・・ Teresa S. Encarnacion TADEM pdficon_large
Technocracy in Economic Policy-Making in Malaysia ・・・ Khadijah MD KHALID Mahani ZAINAL ABIDIN pdficon_large
Technocracy and Politics in a Trajectory of Conflict ・・・ KHOO Boo Teik pdficon_large
Book Reviews
Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari. Popular Culture Co-productions and Collaborations in East and Southeast Asia.
Singapore and Kyoto: NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2013, x+276p.
・・・ Nikki J. Y. LEE pdficon_large
Jafar Suryomenggolo. Organising under the Revolution: Unions and the State in Java, 1945-48. Singapore and Kyoto: NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2013, xiii+215p. ・・・ Michael G. VANN pdficon_large
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy, ed. An Atlas of Trafficking in Southeast Asia: The Illegal Trade in Arms, Drugs, People, Counterfeit Goods and Natural Resources in Mainland Southeast Asia. London:I. B. Tauris & Co Ltd, 2013, x+214p. ・・・ Sverre MOLLAND pdficon_large
Jean M. Langford. Consoling Ghosts: Stories of Medicine and Mourning from Southeast Asians in Exile. Minneapolis:University of Minnesota Press, 2013, vii+263p. ・・・ Hjorleifur JONSSON pdficon_large
Andrew Walker.Thailand’s Political Peasants: Power in the Modern Rural Economy. Wisconsin:The University of Wisconsin Press, 2012, xiii+277p. ・・・ Somchai
Laurence Monnais and Harold J. Cook, eds. Global Movements, Local Concerns: Medicine and Health in Southeast Asia. Singapore: NUS Press, 2012, xxxi+290p. ・・・ Karl Ian Uy CHENG CHUA pdficon_large
Roxana Waterson and Kwok Kian-Woon, eds. Contestations of Memory in Southeast Asia. Singapore: NUS Press,2012, vi+300p. ・・・ Meynardo P. MENDOZA pdficon_large
Deborah E. Tooker. Space and the Production of Cultural Difference among the Akha Prior to Globalization: Channeling the Flow of Life. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press,2012, 344p. ・・・ Ronald D. RENARD pdficon_large
Eric Tagliacozzo. The Longest Journey: Southeast Asians and the Pilgrimage to Mecca. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013, ix+356p. ・・・ Joshua GEDACHT pdficon_large
Sanchita Basu Das, ed. Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges for Member Countries and Businesses. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2012, xxvi+347p. ・・・ Adiwan ARITENANG pdficon_large

Vol. 2, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2013


Special Focus
Reconstructing Intra-Southeast Asian Trade, c.1780–1870:Evidence of Regional Integration under the Regime of Colonial Free Trade
Guest Editor: Kaoru SUGIHARA
Introduction ・・・ Kaoru SUGIHARA
The Role of Singapore in the Growth of Intra-Southeast Asian Trade, c.1820s–1852 ・・・ Atsushi KOBAYASHI pdficon_large
The Long-term Pattern of Maritime Trade in Java from the Late Eighteenth Century to the Mid-Nineteenth Century ・・・ Ryuto SHIMADA pdficon_large
Tropical Products Out, British Cotton In: Trade in the Dutch Outer Islands Ports, 1846–69 ・・・ Atsushi OTA pdficon_large
Tracing Hồ Chí Minh’s Sojourn in Siam ・・・ Thanyathip Sripana pdficon_large
Visualizing the Evolution of the Sukhothai Buddha ・・・ Sawitree Wisetchat pdficon_large
Research Report
Farmers’ Perceptions of Imperata cylindrica Infestation Suchint SIMARAKS in a Slash-and-Burn Cultivation Area of Northern Lao PDR ・・・ Bounthanh KEOBOUALAPHA
Book Reviews
Yoshihiro Nakanishi.
Strong Soldiers, Failed Revolution: The State and Military in Burma, 1962–88.
Singapore and Kyoto: NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2013, xxi+358p.
・・・ Robert H. TAYLORR pdficon_large
Robbie Peters.
Surabaya, 1945–2010: Neighbourhood, State and Economy in Indonesia’s City of Struggle.
Singapore: NUS Press, 2013, 272p.
・・・ Abidin KUSNO pdficon_large
Peter Post, William H. Frederick, Iris Heidebrink, and Shigeru Sato, eds.
The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War: In Cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.
Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2010, xxix+684p.
・・・ YAMAMOTO Nobuto pdficon_large
Lam Peng Er, ed.
Japan’s Relations with Southeast Asia:The Fukuda Doctrine and Beyond. London and New York: Routledge, 2013, xvii+203p.
・・・ LEE Poh Ping pdficon_large
Jessica Harriden.
The Authority of Influence: Women and Power in Burmese History.
Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2012, xiii+370p.
・・・ Ashley WRIGHT pdficon_large
Sverre Molland.
The Perfect Business? Anti-trafficking and the Sex Trade along the Mekong.
Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2012, viii+276p.
Susan Kneebone and Julie Debeljak.
Transnational Crime and Human Rights: Responses to Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Subregion.
Oxon: Routledge, 2012, xiii+276p.
・・・ Kai CHEN pdficon_large
Wendy Mee and Joel S. Kahn, eds.
Questioning Modernity in Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore and Kyoto:NUS Press in association with Kyoto University Press, 2012, vi+257p.
・・・ Jennifer Yang Hui pdficon_large
Cherian George.
Freedom from the Press: Journalism and State Power in Singapore.
Singapore: NUS Press, 2012, xiii+272p.
・・・ Joanne LEOW pdficon_large
Patrick Jory, ed.
Ghosts of the Past in Southern Thailand: Essays on the History and Historiography of Patani.

Singapore: NUS Press, 2013, xxix+336p.
・・・ Piyada Chonlaworn pdficon_large
Jianxiong Ma.
The Lahu Minority in Southwest China: A Response to Ethnic Marginalization on the Frontier.
Oxon: Routledge, 2013, xvii+254p.
・・・ HORIE Mio pdficon_large

Vol. 2, No. 1 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in April, 2013


Note from Editorial Committee pdficon_large

Upland Peoples in the Making of History in Northern Continental Southeast Asia

Guest Editor: Christian DANIELS

Introduction ・・・ Christian DANIELS pdficon_large
Mountain People in the Muang: Creation and Governance of a Tai Polity in Northern Laos ・・・ Nathan BADENOCH, TOMITA Shinsuke pdficon_large
Becoming Stateless: Historical Experience and Its Reflection on the Concept of State among the Lahu in Yunnan and Mainland Southeast Asian Massif ・・・ KATAOKA Tatsuki pdficon_large
From Tea to Temples and Texts: Transformation of the Interfaces of Upland-Lowland Interaction on the China-Myanmar Border ・・・ KOJIMA Takahiro, Nathan BADENOCH pdficon_large
Blocking the Path of Feral Pigs with Rotten Bamboo: The Role of Upland Peoples in the Crisis of a Tay Polity in Southwest Yunnan, 1792 to 1836 ・・・ Christian DANIELS pdficon_large
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Vol. 1, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2012


De-institutionalizing Religion in Southeast Asia
Guest Editor: Tatsuki KATAOKA
De-institutionalizing Religion in Southeast Asia ・・・ Tatsuki KATAOKA pdficon_large
Buddhism on the Border: Shan Buddhism and Transborder Migration in Northern Thailand ・・・ Tadayoshi MURAKAMI pdficon_large
Tai Buddhist Practices in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan, China ・・・ Takahiro KOJIMA pdficon_large
Two Versions of Buddhist Karen History of the Late British Colonial Period in Burma: Kayin Chronicle (1929) and Kuyin Great Chronicle (1931) ・・・ Kazuto IKEDA pdficon_large
Religion as Non-religion: The Place of Chinese Temples in Phuket, Southern Thailand ・・・ Tatsuki KATAOKA pdficon_large
A Study of the Hồi giáo Religion in Vietnam: With a Reference to Islamic Religious Practices of Cham Bani ・・・ Yasuko YOSHIMOTO pdficon_large
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