Vol. 2, No. 3 of Southeast Asian Studies

Published in December, 2013



Special Focus
Reconstructing Intra-Southeast Asian Trade, c.1780–1870:
Evidence of Regional Integration under the Regime of Colonial Free Trade
Guest Editor: Kaoru SUGIHARA
Introduction ・・・ Kaoru SUGIHARA and Tomotaka KAWAMURA pdficon_large
The Role of Singapore in the Growth of Intra-Southeast Asian Trade, c.1820s–1852 ・・・ Atsushi KOBAYASHI pdficon_large
The Long-term Pattern of Maritime Trade in Java from the Late Eighteenth Century to the Mid-Nineteenth Century ・・・ Ryuto SHIMADA pdficon_large
Tropical Products Out, British Cotton In: Trade in the Dutch Outer Islands Ports, 1846–69 ・・・ Atsushi OTA pdficon_large
Tracing Hồ Chí Minh’s Sojourn in Siam ・・・ Thanyathip Sripana pdficon_large
Visualizing the Evolution of the Sukhothai Buddha ・・・ Sawitree Wisetchat pdficon_large
Research Report
Farmers’ Perceptions of Imperata cylindrica Infestation Suchint SIMARAKS in a Slash-and-Burn Cultivation Area of Northern Lao PDR ・・・ Bounthanh KEOBOUALAPHA
Book Reviews
Yoshihiro Nakanishi.

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